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Newborn pack links raw

€17.67 €23.55
First laying for babies up to 56cms in length and 4.5kgs in weight. It is the size of a newborn, ideal to take to the hospital or clinic.Made of 100% organic cotton. It has wooden buttons on the jacket and is made without any internal seams, causing zero irritation to the baby.Ideal for summer or halftime. It is a very fine and breathable cotton....
0-1mes( 56cms) 3-6 months 9-12 months
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Jeans-raw sweater

€15.81 €21.07
Sweater made of 100% cotton in our workshops in Barcelona. The fabric is very soft and there are no seams on the inside, making it easy for baby's skin to never scratch or itch. In addition, since it has no seams, it adapts perfectly to the baby's body. It is a garment that provides incredible warmth.The buttons on the sweater are made of natural olive...
0-3 months 3-6 months 9-12 months
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Onesie ecru

€15.43 €20.58
Sleeveless knitted romper made of organic cotton in our workshops in Barcelona. Ideal for the summer. It has buttons on the straps to put on the romper without difficulties. It is also made without interior seams so it avoids irritations on the baby's skin. Available up to size 9/12 months. Made in Spain.
0-1mes( 56cms) 3-6 months 9-12 months